Iowa Bill Tally

Iowa Bill Tally Methodology

Bill Tally measures the potential fiscal impact of legislation introduced during each session of the Iowa General Assembly, should it have been adopted.  Information on sponsored legislation was obtained from the Iowa General Assembly web pages for each individual Legislator.  Only legislation with fiscal impact was included.  Legislators who sponsored no spending legislation are not included in the listings.*

Iowa Bill Tally amounts are recorded from fiscal information contained in the Notes on Bills and Amendments and Fiscal Notes posted on the Iowa Legislature website.

Pass-through legislation dealing with non-State-generated funds is excluded.  Spending bills are included for the General Fund as well as the other funds maintained by the State government. 



*2015, 2014,2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010 methodology are different since all bills came from committee. Please see the July Newsletter for complete description.

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