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Please consider joining or giving to the Iowa Transparency Project. Any gift can help make a difference in the work that we are able to do in the area of increasing transparency in government spending. Please click either the Join or Give button and you will be redirected to Public Interest Institute's webiste. In the comments, please type ITP for Iowa Transparency Project.

In a republic, the citizenry has a right to know what its elected officials are doing and how the people’s money is being spent.  Searchable database websites for government spending information, also known as “Google government,” is a movement for the 21st century.  If you are pleased to see more “sunlight” shed on what politicians are doing with your tax dollars here in Iowa, please help us continue this website by making a tax-deductible contribution to our sponsor, Public Interest Institute.  PII received a grant to create this website.  To keep it active, we need funds to pay for programming updates, data input, and staff time.  Contributors will receive future issues of the Iowa Transparency Newsletter.

If you cannot contribute at this time but would like to be notified when new material is added to the site, please provide us with your name and e-dress.

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